Screenshot of the Wendyclock visualization


26 June 2013 | A timeline of the events surrounding Texas State Senator Wendy Davis's talking filibuster to kill SB5, a Republican-backed bill that would close most Texas women's health clinics which offer pregnancy termination services.

Release notes.

Screenshot of the Rated R for Rapist app

Rated R for Rapist

8 June 2013 | Provides information about whether a movie has been made in part by people who have chosen to collaborate with or otherwise support Roman Polanski.

To our knowledge, this is the only existing aggregation of the names from the various petitions supporting Polanski and public statements on the occasion of his arrest in 2009 as well as the actors and major crew members who have worked with him since 1977, and a unique application of graph theory in the real world.

Screenshot of the Feminist Bingo card

Feminist Bingo

15 September 2012 | An easy way for commenters in online feminist venues to identify sexist and misogynistic trolls. We provide validation of a commenter's judgement that a troll is genuinely trolling and not just clueless and suggest responses to some of the remarks the troll has made.

Release notes. Known forks: Q & A Bingo; Kaiser Health Debate Bingo.